The purpose of the SECTOR Program, which stands for Skills and Experiences for the Careers of Tomorrow, is to offer career pathways and family-sustaining wages for people impacted by the justice system.

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ACE’s SECTOR program provides reentry services, education, workforce development, support services, and job placement for individuals impacted by the justice system. Our program provides pathways into new careers that offer sustainable wages, good benefits, and advancement opportunities. It’s never too late to turn things around.


ACE provides a tailored approach to learning. Our team will give you a thorough assessment of your specialized needs and develop a program that works best for you. We will be at your side with all the resources ACE has to offer; we will succeed together!


  • Age 18 and older
  • Has had a previous arrest, charged with or convicted of a criminal offense –
  • Willingness to accept counseling and support services
  • Job training in manufacturing or construction

Program Details

  • Paid stipend during job training
  • Counseling and support services
  • Personal and career assessments
  • Workshops for personal development
  • Job searching and placement


Success Stories
More than just construction

Andy Salgado

Andy Salgado

I’m Andy I’m 23 years old. I first heard of the career academy from a friend I decided to join. it was the best decision I made, no lie. I really have grown with these people, and they have taught me many ways to use different tools, learning math, and safety rules. They are always very welcoming like a family, I cant wait to Graduate from this amazing program!!

Miguel Milanés

Miguel Milanés

ACE has impacted my life by helping me be open to the things I didn't know I needed to work on myself, as well as teaching me not only work ethics but how to handle day to day stress and coping skills. ACE is very helpful because it widened my career path options as well. I would recommend ACE because it has what most of the youth needs, but other places don't offer.

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